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What do we offer?

The Perinity Platform manages the execution of audit work in a structured, standardized and centralized manner, regardless of complexity, scale and access.



Centralize the Planning of the Annual Audit Plan to keep the evidence of the Audit Point within a single platform, in a simple and secure way.

In full, perform the audit work with an evidence repository, according to your planning, without neglecting cost control, centralization of documentation and prioritization of the most critical activities.

Automate repetitive activities and increase the productivity of internal auditors

Which are the main gains?

Automate repetitive activities such as follow-ups and report generation and consolidate management within the same platform, improving access to information and data analysis. +Learn more


Perform risk-based auditing on a single platform

How to Integrate Audit and Risks?

The Perinity platform has its modules natively integrated, facilitating the work of the Risk management and Compliance areas with the Internal Audit area. +Learn more

The GRC Platform that will make you quit excel, the e-mail management and the follow-up calls


Improve collaboration between areas and
the auditee’s response time

Response Timing

The Perinity platform automates recurring processes, notifications, follow-ups, directly impacting the improvement of the relationship between areas, a higher quality of responses and a reduction in response timing. +Learn more

Data Integrity

The Perinity platform has traceability of everyone step by step within the solution, management by access level and encryption of your data. A totally secure environment to ensure data integrity.
+Learn more

Dynamic Reporting

Don’t waste any more time with reporting tabs and spreadsheet consolidation. The Perinity platform allows the preparation of numerous reports, drastically reducing the time spent. Automate report generation with customized templates for your company. +Learn more 

Strengthen all three lines of defense through effective and collaborative internal audit. Adequately plan and prioritize internal audits, time and tasks for internal auditors and achieve greater engagement from other areas in this objective.

Improve the engagement of senior management and committees with audit work


Mature processes and establish analysis standards


Optimize the time for follow-ups and validation of audit points

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