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What do we offer?

Manage document and policy creation 100% electronically, with a predefined workflow. Streamline and facilitate the processing of documents electronically within the Perinity Platform.


Create your documents and submit them to approval workflows, ensure that everyone involved in the validation flow is triggered. Keep track of time and store your documents in an organized and easily accessible way.

Create digital documents with ease and submit them for approval electronically.

Can I electronically save all versions of documents that have been changed?

The Perinity Platform allows the documents created to preserve all versions, allowing you to see all the changes and which employees promoted the changes. The access and change levels are easily configured from the creation of the profiles. +Learn more


Review and Approve the documents created.

How do I review and approve documents created in the GED?

The Perinity Platform allows, from the creation of workflows, that authorized users make edits, all in an organized and monitored manner. +Learn more

We want to impact the world by making your organization more efficient, perennial and secure. Check out how the Perinity Platform can help you

Internal controls

Establish Controls, Monitor them with ease and add more efficiency to your business management within the Perinity Platform. +Learn more

Third-party management

Manage your Third Parties in an integrated and collaborative way, standardize risk criteria and control your indicators, reducing the impact on your organization. +Learn more

Business Resiliency

Manage Critical Risks and ensure the continuity of your operation in a sustainable way and, if necessary, activate your Disaster Recovery Plans more easily. +Learn more

Risk Management

Manage risks in an integrated and collaborative way, standardize risk assessment criteria and control your indicators effectively. It's easy with Perinity. +Learn more

Internal Audit

Manage the execution of audit work in a structured, standardized and centralized way, from planning to final report. Regardless of complexity, scale and access. +Learn more

Policies Management

Manage your Internal policies in a centralized way and disseminate them in a simple way, ensuring everyone's science and reducing risks for your organization. +Learn more


Manage your regulatory obligations uncomplicatedly and effectively, with automation of notifications, management of those responsible and clarity of obligations assumed. +Learn more

Document Control

Manage the creation of documents and policies in a 100% electronic way, with predefined workflow. Streamline and facilitate the processing of documents electronically within the Perinity Platform. +Learn more

The GRC Platform that will make you quit excel, the e-mail management and the follow-up calls


Workflow – Stream documents to the right audiences, simply and safely


Approval Workflow

Quickly creates and parameterizes all of the approval WFs, ensuring that all those responsible have expressed themselves electronically about the created document. +Learn more

Store documents in a safe environment

Through a simple systematic that’s based on the organizational structure of the company, keep the documents with access permission based on the user’s profile. +Learn more

Optimize time and money

Optimize the elaboration and approval time of a document or internal policy by automating and centralizing the elaboration process and monitoring the time and status of each step. +Learn more

Create, validate and approve documents within a single platform, optimizing the time of everyone involved, reducing e-mail processing, unnecessary printing and wrong publications from previous versions in a fast, sustainable and organized way.

Reduced use of paper and other physical means


Single repository for keeping information


Integration of documents with Compliance, Audit and Risk activities

Find out about the companies' experience is and results

“We needed to make our process visible to other areas, such as the external audit itself, and they can evaluate our work, consult the base controls, the results of the effectiveness tests, etc. This brought more agility to our communication ”, according to Paola Costa, Embraer's risk and internal controls manager.

“In audit projects, we associate which are the risks linked by areas and the way we see this in the tool is much better. We can see by hierarchy, to identify which risks were mapped in the audits and which were carried out. ”, said Karen Matzkick, manager of risk management and internal audit at Aché Laboratórios.

“According to Marcos Pascon Fernandes Costa, from Ânima Educação's risk management and compliance area:“ I give it 9. out of 10, just because I don't know all the solutions on the market, but I would strongly recommend the adoption of the Perinity solution. ”

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