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Internal Controls

Establish Controls, Monitor them with ease and add more efficiency to your business management within the Perinity Platform.​ +Learn more

Third-party management

Manage your Third Parties in an integrated and collaborative way, standardize risk criteria and control your indicators, reducing the impact on your organization. +Learn more


Manage Critical Risks and ensure the continuity of your operation in a sustainable way and, if necessary, activate your Disaster Recovery Plans more easily. +Learn more

Risk Management

Manage risks in an integrated and collaborative way, standardize risk assessment criteria and control your indicators effectively. It’s easy with Perinity. +Learn more

Internal Audit

Manage the execution of audit work in a structured, standardized and centralized way, from planning to final report. Regardless of complexity, scale and access. +Learn more

Policies Management

Manage your Internal policies in a centralized way and disseminate them in a simple way, ensuring everyone’s science and reducing risks for your organization. +Learn more


Manage your regulatory obligations uncomplicatedly and effectively, with automation of notifications, management of those responsible and clarity of obligations assumed​. +Learn more

Documents Management

Manage the creation of documents and policies in a 100% electronic way, with predefined workflow. Streamline and facilitate the processing of documents electronically within the Perinity Platform. +Learn more

Strengthen all three lines of defense through effective and collaborative internal audit. Adequately plan and prioritize internal audits, time and tasks for internal auditors and achieve greater engagement from other areas in this objective.

Improve the engagement of senior management and committees with audit work


Mature processes and establish analysis standards


Optimize the time for follow-ups and validation of audit points.

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